The standard response when asked about how we are managing is busy! but how does this affect wellness at work?

Busy at work, at home, with our children, our partners, our families and in our minds. The glorification of this constant state of running from one thing to another can impact our emotional and physical wellbeing. Our capacity for wellness.

Stop. Ask. Listen.

Stop. Ask. Listen.

This session will explore how looking after yourself, by stepping back from busy can affect how we make decisions at work and how to manage feelings of overwhelm. Challenging attendees to stop, ask how they are going and listen to each other.

This 75 minute interactive seminar provides attendees with evidence-based outcomes that help to juggle the chaos by focusing on:

    • Current research on emotional wellness, work, busy-ness and self care
    • The connection between mind and body wellness when we are in perpetual state of chaos
    • Identification of simple strategies that are values focused rather than a goal focused (and why this creates better outcomes for people)
    • Self care strategies that can used straight after the session.

This seminar can be run in recognition of community awareness dates such as international women’s day, mental health month or prior to significant busy periods in a work places calendar.

This seminar can be tailored to suit specific workplaces. Follow up information about the successes of the seminar can also be included for HR understanding of the support needs of the workplace.

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