Dr Sarah Wayland presenting at the University of Western Australia 2014

Dr Sarah Wayland presenting at the University of Western Australia

Counselling and support can create new ways to navigate life after loss.

Many people are under the assumption that when a loss occurs they have to endure stages of bereavement in order for them to accept that the loss has occurred – recent studies have found that this is not correct.

Loss does not understand stages it is a moveable experience that has surges or waves of sadness that can occur for months and years after the loss.

Speaking about ways to manage these waves of emotion can allow you to build up your resilience and to live life alongside the pain you are feeling.

I have worked with families living with loss for the last 15 years. Firstly with families of missing people and then with people who were victims of traumatic crime.

When a loved one passes away or goes missing we don’t always have the answers but in sitting down and exploring the unresolved feelings about your loved one together we might find ways to live in that new normal.

Through e-support, where we connect over Skype or phone at a mutually agreeable time, I can offer a space to:

  • Explore how you might continue on without your loved one
  • Find ways to manage the kaleidoscope of emotions that come with loss – sadness, anger, frustration, confusion, fear, anxiety, lethargy, and ambivalence about the future, difficulty in relating to others. And,
  • Work out ways to still involve the person you have lost in your life while working out ways to live alongside your sadness

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