There is nothing more validating than a nod from the audience. When you know that the stories you share, the expertise you provide and the vulnerability you offer connects with those who have come to listen. Thats why I love speaking.

As a speaker I combine my passion for advocating good emotional health, for normalising the experience of juggling life and all its intricacies and as a person who has struggled with the mix myself. I bring it all to the sessions that I offer.

In booking me for your workplace, community organisation or conference/seminar you will be provided with:

– A speaker with a decades experience in delivering warm, engaging presentations

– Evidence based data on resilience, mental health and finding your joy

– Facilitated discussion amongst attendees to help people connect in supportive ways.

– Top tips for the audience to take home via a handout or link (to save paper!)

– The chance for attendees to reflect on how they might achieve new balance in their emotional health journey and a presenter who sticks around afterwards for those questions that people might be too frightened to ask aloud…

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