Have your employees experienced the loss of a loved one? Have you struggled with ways to support them given grief is a life long experience?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that each year more than 150000 deaths will be recorded and chances are expressions of ongoing grief and sadness will affect your workplace.

As a grief and loss expert my experience tells me that sharing thoughts on the way loss is a part of life, and how those reactions to loss are as varied, provide a safe and supportive workplace. This 75-minute seminar provides your team or workplace an opportunity to explore in a safe and nurturing environment how grief and loss might be affecting your capacity to work. The seminar focuses on evidence-based ideas such as;

  • How loss will affect us differently. Embracing the concept that there is no rulebook or stages of mourning for people to endure.
  • Mourning for an extended period is not a mental health condition. Conversely ‘getting on with it’ is not a reflection of stunted emotional growth.
  • Losses not generally acknowledged by our community – like migration, divorce or separation still evoke grief reactions. Addressing and de-stigmatising these responses can lead to enhanced emotional wellbeing.
  • Workplaces that listen and ask questions, are prepared for ongoing upsets, offering practical or peripheral support can benefit bereaved people in the workplace.

This seminar may suit managers and HR personnel specifically or the broader workplace. The goal is to encourage communication that acknowledges that grief is never neat and that feelings of loss can ebb and flow over time.

This seminar can be tailored to suit specific workplaces especially where a traumatic or sudden bereavement has occurred. Follow up information about the outcomes of the seminar can also be included for ongoing understanding of the support needs of your workplace.

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