I have been working in the field of missing persons support for the last 10 years. First as a counsellor and then managing support services that worked alongside NSW and Commonwealth Policing agencies.

I am currently completing a PhD via the University of New England on the role of hope for families of missing people. My most recent radio interview can be found here.

I am the author of ‘Supporting those who are left behind‘ and ‘A Glimmer of hope – stories of courage for families of missing people’.

I offer face to face and online counselling to people in Australia living with the loss of a missing person. Counselling can help you:

– To manage the anxiety of the early days of not knowing where a loved one might be.

– The grief of an unresolved loss when it remains unsolved

– The lack of community understanding about this type of loss

– A place to share openly about the person you are missing

Living with the loss of a missing person is complex because of the very nature of their disappearance – you might be unsure what has happened so your capacity to move forward is halted.

Talking with someone who has walked alongside many families can help.

Contact me to discuss what you need – Sarah