To make lasting change we need to help ourselves first

That is the opening line I use when speaking at workplaces, supporting a person in distress in my counselling rooms or writing the stories that heal. Reaching out for help is one of the first steps a person can make to explore how they can build a calm and meaningful existence.

With this thought I’d like to welcome you to this space. A space that combines my three passions – counselling, writing and speaking.

Do you ever wonder how to stop those swirling thoughts that move around your mind?

Do you ever consider a future where anxiety, fear and sadness are not the first thoughts you have each morning when you, or your child, wakes?

Do you want to find ways to explore the sense of feeling stuck, directionless or the pain that comes with grief no matter how far down the track you are?

None of these thoughts are rare – they form the basis of the many calls I receive each week. Working with me, to challenge them, can help.

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Please note I will be on leave for face-face sessions from 1 July – 30 October 2014. Skype sessions will continue as normal.