In 2015 I completed my doctoral thesis on the experience of hope for the families left behind when someone is missing. I was the recipient of the Chancellors Medal for Doctoral research, from the University of New England.

I now work as a Lecturer in Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney.

My public health research interests include missing people, suicide bereavement and Justice Health exploring the needs of vulnerable and marginalised populations.

I am a qualitative research methodologist skilled in data collection using narrative-based in depth interviews as well as online and face-to-face focus groups. My passion is to explore the translation of research findings with industry stakeholders, as a way to impact the lives of those who seek support in our community.

If you have a query about my current research or want to know more about getting involved in any of the studies I work on please contact me. I update this page regularly with information about the outcomes of my projects.

My research publications are listed below – as at December 31 2018.

Kendall, S; Redshaw, S; Ward, S; Wayland, S; Sullivan, E. (2018) Systematic review of qualitative evaluations of reentry programs addressing problematic drug use and mental health disorders amongst adult prisoners & Justice. Health and Justice, in Press, due for publication 2018.

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Publications – Technical and health translation reports

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Publications – selected media contributions


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