Self care for allied health professionals

Do we have anything left in the tank when we are busy Sarah Presentinghelping others?

When we work in the helping sector the intersection between our personal and professional life can blur because of the nature of our work and the way it shapes our view of the world.

Managing our emotional health can be a juggle. Coping with the competing demands of our families and work can place pressure on us. What would it look like to apply a new lens to the way we make decisions? To tap in to what is important to us, what we value and then use those ideas to strive for balance?

This 75 minute seminar workshop will explore living by our values, managing emotional health and saving space for your wellbeing.

This seminar is aimed at not-for-profit agencies tasked with delivering support services to marginalised or vulnerable people in the community. It can be tailored to suit specific workplaces. As an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and a manager of State and Commonwealth agencies my understanding of the role of self-care in caring for others has been a personal and professional passion.

Follow up information about the successes of the seminar can also be included for HR services to enhance their understanding of the support needs of the workplace.

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