Are you at a crossroads in your career or simply seeking an energetic and creative supervisor?

Working as a social worker, either individually or in a group capacity can be equal parts rewarding and equal parts exhausting.

Blending theory in to practice, caring for yourself, supporting others and simply getting the job done are a constant juggle each day.

As a Social Worker with 20 years experience in the child protection, mental health and grief and trauma field I advocate for good supervision for job satisfaction.

As a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers, an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Social Work researcher I believe that the primary function of good supervision is the provision of a safe place to explore client work, administrative challenges, exploration of new career opportunities and work/life balance.

Sessions are run over the phone or via Skype for individuals based in Australia _MG_93862015 10 07_Sarah_0004– either during work hours or in the evenings depending on availability.

I also offer group sessions for workplaces located in the Sydney metropolitan region.

I adhere to the AASW Supervision practice standards as a way to honour the complex and engaging environments social workers work within.

Please visit my fee schedule for new graduates or established allied health workers and then schedule a free 15-minute session for the two of us to check if we are the right fit.



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