We asked staff what their favourite part of the conference – ‘Sarah! She focused on being able to look after ourselves and that we too matter…’ There was lots of feedback about your session filling to quickly and staff missing out – 46 of the 56 respondents indicated that the session was beneficial to them.
Karen Karakaya, HR Manager, Schizophrenia Fellowship NSW
Sarah spoke at a Working Mums Masterclass I recently attended. It was refreshing to have an expert speak who can share and connect with others on such a personal level as well as offer practical information I could take home and apply to my own life. Sarah shared stories that blended professional and personal experiences in a way that engaged every mother in the room that day. I will pack tissues next time!
Linda Anderson, Mums on the Go
I heard Sarah speak a few months ago and knew that I wanted her to come to talk to my group.  It’s not always easy for speakers to address groups of bereaved parents:  we’ve been there, we live it every day, have bought the t-shirt and often feel no one can tell us anything we don’t know.  However, Sarah’s humble and empathic manner had everyone relaxed and wanting to hear what she had to say, within seconds.  Rather than speaking at us, as so many presenters can, Sarah listened and each member felt heard, included and validated.  It was a thoroughly stimulating and heartening couple of hours, that went too quickly – and we learned a lot!  Despite Sarah leaving us with a wealth of information and material we can follow up with, everyone wants a repeat performance and I am hoping Sarah will be available again next year.

Gail Terrey – Chapter Leader – Miranda Compassionate Friends.

Sarah was brilliant.  She had such a lovely demeanour and really came across well to our staff that attended.  I sent out a feedback survey afterwards and the response was 100% positive!

Kym Burton, Quality Coordinator, Coleman Greig Lawyers.

26 people sent back evaluations and all agreed that the event was compassionately presented. In particular respondents states that the speaker was great, informative, ‘comforting and compassionate’, ‘had an amazing understanding of grief’ and provided good handouts with useful books to follow up on

Julie Jennings, secretary, The Compassionate Friends